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Individual Services

Self Assessment Returns

We can handle the entire self-assessment process, thereby saving time, money and worry. We will do all the necessary computations, complete the return, and offer advice on how to minimise the tax liability.

We can deal directly with the HM Revenue and Customs on our clients’ behalf and, should anyone be selected for a self assessment enquiry, act for them at any meetings.

Inheritance, estates & trusts

At Lawrence & Co.  we listen to our clients and tailor our inheritance tax planning advice to suit their individual needs and ensure, with direct liaison with their legal advisors, that they understand the full implications of the advice we provide. We consider inheritance tax to be a voluntary tax, since, more often than not, good planning can avoid it.   

Inheritance tax planning can be applied to your private residence and investments as well as more complex business succession strategies.

Estate planning involves a detailed consideration of the impact of a multitude of taxes, with the aim of ensuring that a substantial part of the wealth that you and your family have worked hard to accumulate goes to those you choose to receive it rather than into the hands of the Exchequer.

We can advise on all aspects of estate planning, including;

  • Inheritance and capital gains tax planning
  • Business property relief
  • Utilising trusts
  • Making “lifetime” gifts
  • Tax efficient wills

We strongly recommend that you consider estate planning earlier rather than later, when options may no longer be available.

Pensions planning & advice

It is important to appreciate that, despite much recent negative press, the investment potential of a pension must be appreciated over the longer term. There are many choices; even pension options that can only go up in value, not down!

Pension planning is an integral part of any balanced approach to financial planning. We work closely with specialists in the field to ensure our clients receive a full professional review.

Personal savings & investment advice

Most individuals appreciate money through the provision of a certain lifestyle. Without careful financial planning however the risk is that the perpetual motion of life can take control so that aspirations for the future are unaffordable. We believe this planning process is worthy of considerable time and attention.

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